After School

Free after school program providing a combination of enriching extra curricular opportunities as well as academic tutoring and intervention support.


After School Program

Vista Meridian offers a wide variety of extracurricular programs that are designed to engage the diverse interests of our student body.  From clubs to our athletics program, each student has an opportunity to participate in an enjoyable activity that furthers their development outside the classroom.


Vista Meridian provides opportunities to develop skills within various sports while promoting team building and positive interactions among peers. All students are provided opportunities to develop their talents and abilities both during the school day and afterschool. 


School Clubs

Vista Meridian provides opportunities for students to further develop their talents and abilities through participation in various school clubs including:
  • ISSN Student Leadership Club 
  • Crochet Club 
  • Tabletop Club


After School tutoring opportunities are provided to all students in reading and mathematics throughout the school year.