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the School Experience

At Vista Charter Public Schools, we are committed to transforming the school experience.  From the moment you walk into a Vista Charter Public school you will notice the difference.  Beyond the warm welcome and inviting environment is a team of highly trained teachers, administrators, and support personnel, all of whom share the goal of ensuring that our students are highly engaged in their academic life and feel 100% accepted as part of the Vista family. 

Don Wilson, Ed.D., Superintendent

We Transform the School Experience.

What is a Global Academy?

As a Global Academy, we are committed to educating our students to be globally competent.  As a proud member of the International Studies Schools Network, we prepare our students to compete and collaborate on an international scale.  We connect the local to the global, for example, by explaining how a local issue like their school recycling program is one part of a global process with economic, social, and environmental relevance. Our students develop empathy and purpose by weighing different perspectives and communicating effectively with diverse audiences to ultimately take action and make a positive impact on their community and the world.


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The heart of a transformative educational school experience is not in the promise of a silver bullet solution, but in profound and sustainable pedagogical change. At Vista Charter Public Schools, we do not believe programs are the answer to transformative education, but carefully chosen programs can serve as foundational learning labs where teachers acquire the tools and strategies that, when mastered, will create the conditions for creative and academic freedom.


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