Mastery Learning

A personalized approach to learning, supporting each individual student's journey toward academic proficiency.


Mastery Grading

  • Vista has partnered with the Mastery Transcript Consortium to develop a framework for grading that focuses on students demonstrating mastery of essential academic standards and life skills.


  • Vista teachers develop clear objectives connected to real-world application, clear instruction, student-driven rubrics, and multiple opportunities and ways to demonstrate mastery of learning. 

Digital Portfolios

  • Vista students have the opportunity to archive and curate learning artifacts in their digital portfolio that showcases their own individual learning journey throughout their time at Vista.

Differentiated Instruction

  • Due to the fact that every student learns at their own pace, mastery learning maximizes each student’s learning potential, without having to wait for others or move on to the next topic before mastering it.

Data-Drive Instruction

  • Vista teachers regularly review and discuss data and learning growth with students so that each student is aware of their current achievement level and what they need to do to grow and demonstrate mastery.