Global Competence

Preparing the next generation of competence and confident citizens of the world.


International Studies Schools Network (ISSN)

Each Vista school is considered a “Global Academy.”  Through its partnership with the ISSN, Vista educates its students to become “globally competent.”

Global Performance Outcomes (GPOs) 

Each Vista school has adopted the following GPOs as its schoolwide learning outcomes.

  • Investigate the World
  • Recognize Perspectives
  • Communicate Ideas 
  • Take Action

Global Education - An Instructional Framework

Vista teachers utilize the “SAGE” framework to educate for global competence in the classroom

  • Student Choice
  • Authentic Work
  • Global Significance
  • Exhibition to a Real-World Audience

Think Global, Act Local

Vista and the ISSN partner with Future Generations Now to provide leadership opportunities for students to take action around their community on issues of global significance.